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About Doug Lloyd

A Letter from Doug

In the Spring of 2013, I was honored to be appointed to the position of Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney by Circuit Court Judges Janice K. Cunningham and Jeffrey L. Sauter.  Due to the timing of this appointment, I was required to seek election in the the November 2014 election which I did and Won! I had to run for re-election for 2016 in the first contested election since 1972 and won!  I won again in 2020 and will need your help as I run again in 2024.


Crime in Eaton County Affects all of us.  When one person in our community is victimized, we all suffer.  I have been dedicated to the field of prosecution for over 26 years.  As the chief law enforcement officer for Eaton County,  I believe in a tough, no-nonsense and fair approach to prosecuting criminals.  I believe the Eaton County Prosecutor's Office is one of the most effective and efficient offices in the state when it comes to seeking justice, protecting victims' rights and being a good steward of taxpayer dollars.


It is extremely important to me to have an office which is able to handle all cases, especially major crimes.  My office consists of a highly-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff that has convicted major criminals including murderers, rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers and home invaders.  The public also needs to know that their prosecutor will look at each case and decide if the individual needs punishment or to be placed in 1 of 5 specialty courts which will hopefully allow the defendant to finish his probation and become a successful member of our community. That is what my office does every day when we review and prosecute cases here in Eaton County. 


Continuing to serve as your Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney will take a lot of hard work and financial support.  I need your help to fight any opposition.  Mailings, yard signs and advertisements are extremely expensive.  With your generous contribution, we will be working together to maintain an experienced and effective Prosecutor's Office committed to seeking justice and protecting victims' rights, while also continuing other essential programs like the Eaton County Economic Crimes Unit (ECU).  Crime in Eaton County touches us all.  I thank you in advance for supporting me as I seek to continue to protect our community in the years to come.


Doug Lloyd

Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney

Eaton County Prosecutor

Eaton County Prosecutor, Douglas R. Lloyd, serves as the chief law enforcement officer for Eaton County.  In that capacity Lloyd manages Ten attorneys and fifteen administrative staff.  He is responsible for a criminal case load averaging 6,000 cases per year.  Lloyd is also responsible for the administration of the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office’s domestic violence, drug, and economic crimes units.  Prior to being named Prosecutor in June, 2013, Lloyd served as Assistant Prosecutor, Senior Assistant Prosecutor for the Economic Crimes Unit, and Chief Assistant Prosecutor.   


Under Lloyd’s leadership, the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office Economic Crimes Unit (“ECU”) flourished.  He was responsible for the supervision of all staff and managing the roughly $400,000 budget of a separate office located in Delta Township.  The ECU manages the bad check, welfare fraud, retail fraud, failure to return property/library property, and social security fraud diversion programs for Eaton County.  The success of the ECU resulted in Lloyd being appointed as Special Prosecutor in Ingham and Clinton counties to handle their bad check and/or welfare fraud diversion cases.  Since its inception in 2002, the ECU has returned over $7,000,000 to area businesses, most importantly all at no cost to taxpayers. 


In 2013 Lloyd was appointed by Governor Snyder to the Organized Retail Fraud Advisory Board.  He also serves on the Insurance Fraud Task Force launched in September of this year by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.  Lloyd has also been confirmed by the Michigan Legislature to serve on the State Drug Treatment Court Advisory Committee.  He serves as a Board member of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Eaton County. Lloyd was appointed a Board of Directors member of the Prosecutor Attorney Association of Michigan in 2014 and was appointed as the Secretary/ Treasurer officer in 2018.  He served on the State Bar of Michigan Character and Fitness Committee from 2004-2010.  Lloyd has been actively engaged in local civic and charitable organizations, with service to the Boy Scouts, National Eagle Scout Association, Grand Ledge Area Youth Football, Lansing Catholic Junior Cougars, Delta Township Parks and Recreation coaching, and the Knights of Columbus.   


Doug is the proud father of two sons, Matthew and Nicolas, and has been married to his wife Mina, herself a recently retired Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, with over thirty years experience. They reside in Delta Township.

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